Ted Nugent To Release New Album ThIs Summer Titled “The Music Made Me Do It”


Ted Nugent said he plans to release a new solo album, The Music Made Me Do It by July. The Music Made Me Do It will be Nugent’s 15th solo LP and his first since 2014’s Shutup & Jam.  Nugent added the title track and “BigFunDirtyGroovbeNoize” to the set list on opening night of his summer 2018 tour. Nugent’s band for the album includes longtime touring bassist (and “rhythm god”) Greg Smith, “drum animal” Jason Hartless and “my Brownsville Station BloodBrother” Michael Lutz. Plus, “Motown soulsister” Alyssa Simmons. 

Ted Nugent to Release New ‘The Music Made Me Do It’ Album This Summer

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