Godsmack debut the music video for “Surrender”


Godsmack have dropped the music video for their recent single “Surrender”, the first single from the band’s forthcoming final studio album, “Lighting Up The Sky” which is set to arrive on February 24, 2023.

According to the group’s vocalist/guitarist Sully Erna, Godsmack plan to become a legacy touring act after the released of their eighth studio LP. Erna recently said of the song “Surrender”: “‘Surrender‘ is a very cut and dry song. It’s simply about the exhaustion we can all feel in relationships at times from the redundancy of fighting with each other. At a certain point in our lives, we submit to putting aside who’s right or wrong, we just want it to STOP! So we wave the white flag.

Take a look at the video for “Surrender” – here.
To pre-order “Lighting Up The Sky,” head here.

Editorial credit: rockmywalls / Shutterstock.com