Brandon Sklenar joins Blake Lively in film adaptation of ‘It Ends with Us’


According to an announcement shared by Sony Pictures, “1923” actor Brandon Sklenar will play Atlas Corrigan in the film adaptation of ‘It Ends with Us.’  Atlas is the high school love interest of the story’s main character, Lily Bloom, who will be played by Blake Lively. The film and studio shared in a joint social media post: “Considerate. Humble. Strong. @BrandonSklenar is Atlas in #ItEndsWithUsMovie” 

‘It Ends with Us’ is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Colleen Hoover, who serves as an executive producer on the upcoming film. Hoover also shared the news of Sklenar’s casting as Atlas in an Instagram post: “They announced Atlas! Cannot wait for this. Loving the cast so far. Feels like a dream #ItEndsWithUsMovie @blakelively @justinbaldoni @brandonsklenar.”

‘It Ends with Us’ tell the story of Lily Bloom, a woman who falls for a neurosurgeon, Ryle (portrayed by Justin Baldoni), while living in Boston. At first, Lily believes she’s found her soulmate but begins to doubt the relationship over time. In addition, her high school love interest, Atlas, comes back into her life.  Baldoni also celebrated the casting news on social media“Ladies and gentlemen… meet your #Atlas” he wrote on Instagram.

Baldoni will direct and executive produce the film in addition to starring, with Lively signed on as executive producer on the project.

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